Who Can Go The Longest Stepbro – S21:E12

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Celestina Blooms and her stepbrother Codey Steele are super competitive. Codey is getting sick of the way Celestina keeps changing the rules so she wins every time. They get into it over a card game and Codey storms out. Left to her own devices, Celestina goes ahead and grabs the vibrator she keeps hidden beneath her pillow and goes for it. With one hand on her tit and the other buried beneath her panties, she’s really getting into the swing of it when Codey returns. They both reveal that they can hear the other getting it on, then make a bet: Whomever can go the longest without masturbating gets to boss the other around.It’s in Celestina’s nature to try resorting to trickery. Wandering out of the bathroom in a towel later that day, she accidentally-on-purpose drops it to the ground right in front of Codey. Her hope to give Codey spank bank material doesn’t seem to work, but it opens the door for Codey to play dirty, too. He waits for Celestina to be on the couch, then sneaks up behind her to place her purse and vibrator nearby. When Celestina notices him, Codey claims he’s going to the store. He pretends to leave and then watches as his stepsis takes the bait and starts using that vibe on her cum loving twat. When Codey calls her out, Celestina asks what he’s going to have her do. Codey wants some head. Although Celestina puts up a bit of an argument, it’s a weak one that makes it obvious she’s been lusting over her stepbro’s dick.Dropping to her knees, Celestina makes Codey glad he asked for a BJ. That breaks down the barrier between them enough that Celestina is agreeable to taking a stiffie ride when Codey sits on the couch and requests it. She begins in cowgirl, then turns around for some reverse cowgirl action that lets her rub her clit as she bounces away. Getting on her hands and knees next, Celestina insists on a doggy style pussy pounding. She rolls over so Codey can finish her off on her back, which brings Codey right to the edge of cumming himself. He manages to pull out and give himself a few last strokes before popping all over Celestina’s stomach and muff. They agree that now that they know they’re into each other, they should fuck all the time.