Love Notes – S15:E5

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Josephine Jackson and Michael Fly are hanging out together on the couch. Josephine acts as though she’s writing in her diary, but what she’s really doing is writing sexy little notes to Michael. When she’s finally ready to go through with her plan, Josephine hands Michael the notebook and goes behind the couch to watch over his shoulders as he reads.Strutting around to the front of the couch, Josephine parks herself on Michael’s lap so she can grind against his hardon as he pops her big boobs free from her shirt. Michael loves those sweater puppies and he’s happy to take any chance he can get to worship them. Sucking the nipples and squeezing the breasts as Josephine squirms in his lap, Michael gives her the attention she craves.Since Josephine is pressed right up against Michael’s dick, she can feel him getting nice and hard for her. She eventually slides down to her knees and pops Michael’s cock from his jeans so she can dive in for a deep throat BJ. Rearing back, Josephine replaces her mouth with the sheath between her boobs for a full fledged titty fuck.Michael eases Josephine back onto the couch and gets on his knees before her to reward her for such a nice blowie. Lifting Josephine’s miniskirt, Michael caresses her hot twat as he slides her thong down her legs. Then he moves in with his hot breath and soft tongue to really get in there and feast on Josephine’s slippery juices.Curling up behind Josephine on the couch, Michael finally takes things to the next level as he enters her in a spooning position. He can take long, deep thrusts, which make Josephine moan oh so sweetly. She’s even louder as Michael sits up and pulls her into his lap in reverse cowgirl. That stiffie ride gets her boobies bouncing and her breath coming in loud squeals of delight.Josephine isn’t finished enjoying herself yet! She gets on her hands and knees so Michael can do her in doggy. The position gets even hotter as Michael pulls Josephine up so that he’s still fucking her from behind as her back presses to his chest. That deep penetration as Michael’s hot hands palm her boobs makes Josephine squeal in bliss.As the couple indulges in what they know will be their final position, Michael lays down and lets Josephine rise above him in a position of delicious power. Her ride initially lets her keep things intimate with long kisses. She can even shove her breasts into Michael’s face so he can indulge her in that way, too. Leaning back, Josephine gets serious and delivers a fast and furious coupling that leaves her finally sated.Michael is just a few heartbeats away from cumming as Josephine gets him on his feet and kneels in front of him. Reaching out to give him a handie, she strokes him off those few final steps. When he finally nuts, his cum shot hits Josephine in her enormous breasts to leave her sticky and so satisfied.